The articles that we read for this class are a sore subject for me as an artist, mostly because the idea of “remixing” has been used to steal my creations often enough that I stopped posting my serious art projects online. Like most artists, I had a couple of social media platforms in order to show off the things that

While watching Anita Sarkeesian’s video, I thought it was interesting that one of the damsel’s traits was the inability to effect the predicament that she was forced into. Damsels in distress are either unwilling to escape, or are incapacitated so that they can’t break out on their own. This obviously puts all of the weight on the protagonist, because the

When video games entered their first epoch, they were usually so expensive to create that the only people who could afford them were businessmen who opened arcades to make the games accessible to the public. At an arcade, a video game only needed to be able to do three things. It needed to suck down as many tokens as possible,